How Dealhop works?
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    Dealhoppers share the best deals and coupons they've found to our community of savers.
  • Vote


    Then dealhop's members vote on the best deals and coupons, to get them hopping on the homepage.
  • Earn


    The more votes a deal gains, the more points the dealhopper who posted it will get. These points can be used to earn gift cards from Amazon, Macy's and much more!
More about voting
  • Like

    Did you like the deal you saw? Give it a like! This will make the user who posted it gain points that they can later use to earn gift cards!
  • Dislike

    If you found a deal that you think is wrong, bad or inappropriate, you can give it a dislike to prevent this deal from leading others into a mistake.
  • Superlike

    If you think the deal is awesome you should give it a superlike. This will make the user who posted it gain extra points! You can only give one super like per day, so choose wisely!
How about gift cards?
  • We have a large variety of gift cards that you can change your points for! From Amazon to Macy's, checkout our point store to see what cards you can earn with dealhop!
Point Store
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    Use your referral code to invite others to register! After they register and gain 25 points, you will get a reward of 250 points!
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    You can share the awesome deals you find on social networks. The deals will be posted with your referral code, so if someone registers on the website you can earn points!
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